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On October 14th and 15th Cornerstone Christian Artist Day Apart will hold its 6th Annual Art Show.  The show will go from 6:00-8:00 Friday night and from 9:00-3:00 on Saturday.  Categories will include visual arts such as sketches, paintings, sculptures, photographs, colored pencil pieces, etc.  There will be no charge and no limit on this open show.  Other categories will be music (instrumental and vocal) and writing (essays, flash fiction, and poetry).

At the same time, we will be holding a special competition called “What will the future hold?”  For this competition, there will be a $5.00 charge per piece with a limit of 3 pieces allowed.  Entries may all be one genre or any combination totaling 3.

There will be age categories for all sections of the special themed section and for the overall show: Elementary (ages 6-11), Jr. High (ages 12-14), High School (ages 15-18), and Adult (ages 19 and up).  Prizes will be awarded in all categories in both the open show and the special themed section.

We look forward any and all artistic work you might be willing to enter. Contact us at artistdayapart@gmail.com or call 978 297 3125 for more information. The entry form for both the themed competition and the open show is shown below.

6th Annual C.cada Open Art Show and Competition Application Form

(Please print)

Name: _______________________Age_____ Phone #______________

Email __________________Address: ____________________________

Genres: (art, writing, music)

Piece Title _________________Themed?______ Genre _______

Piece Title _________________Themed?______ Genre ________

Piece Title __________________Themed?______ Genre ________

Piece Title__________________ Themed? ______ Genre ______

Piece Title __________________Themed?______Genre _______

Piece Title __________________Themed? ______ Genre ______

Piece Title ___________________Themed? ______Genre_______

Piece Title ____________________Themed? _____Genre ______

Piece Title ____________________Themed? _____Genre _______

Piece Title____________________ Themed?_____ Genre ______

(Add any additional pieces to the back of this application.)


   There is no charge or limit to the number of pieces you may enter in the open part of the show.

     Artwork must be delivered or sent to C.cada, c/o Cornerstone Church, 122 Gardner Road, Winchendon, MA 01475 by Monday, October 10th (Hours: 9:00-3:00).

All work should be signed and dated.

Include a brief written description of the piece including the name of the artist, age, the title and the medium used.

We are looking for originality. We assume all work is original. Any copyright infringement is the responsibility of the submitting artist. Neither CCADA nor any of agents will be held responsible for any copyright infringement or any damage during the normal hanging or viewing procedures during the course of the show.

The artist grants to CCADA the right to display or not display and to publish the artwork online or in brochures.

The artist is responsible for picking up the artwork by the end of day Monday, October 17th.

For applications or any questions, print from or email to artistdayapart@gmail.com or call Ken Knowlton at 978 939 5526 or Cornerstone Church at 978 297 3125.

I have read and agree to the rules of this contest.

Signed: ____________________________________________________

Parent Signature if under 18: ______________________________

Deadline for entry form is October 1st, 2016

Cornerstone Christian Artist Day Apart

Art by Design: Discover, Develop, Display

We are a group of local artists of all ages and all media who want to discover, develop, and deploy our God-given talents in ways that show God’s wonder to all who see, hear, or read them.

Whether you’re into photography, painting, sculpting, crafting, music, writing, knitting–or simply enjoy working with colored pencils, this is the place for you.

Our monthly meetings (the 3rd Saturday of each month) enable you to set aside the time to work on your craft with fellow artists, who will encourage you, teach you, and learn from you. We meet at 8:15 for coffee and donuts, followed by group news items, and a short devotional. We then spend the rest of the morning working on whatever project(s) we have going. After a short lunch, we do a group project that helps us to learn and appreciate different media. This month’s project was “Christmas in July”, with one of our members, Arlene White, providing materials and instruction for crafting Christmas ornaments. Our August afternoon project will feature Charlotte Dorais, who will show us how to frame our own pieces.

To give you an idea of what we do and where we’ve been, here’s a small sampling of what the CCADA group members have been working on in the past year. A brief history of what CCADA has done since its founding by Pastor J. Lillie in 2010.

For the past four years , we have used our own art shows to deploy the results of our efforts. In 2013, we held a special Christmas show. Each of these shows were all very successful as far as participation and attendance. But it seemed that were weren’t reaching very far beyond our church doors. While many from the surrounding communities visited our shows, few actually participated.

A special opportunity arose this summer in Winchendon. The town was celebrating its 250th Anniversary. The Winchendon 250th Anniversary Committee wanted to have an art show as a part of its many special events. Because he lived in town and had experience in organizing art shows for CCADA, Pastor Lillie was asked to handle setting up the outdoor event. Holding a show outdoors was a new experience for many of us. Because it was a town event, we were able to attract more people to participate.

The success of this summer show helped to spur others in the town to continue to pursue the idea of trying to create and maintain a community “maker’s space.” A Winchendon Enhancement Committee was formed to look into possible locations. Pastor Lillie has become a part of this. Their search has led them to a piece of property currently owned by the Winchendon School This property, called the Ingleside Project, has a large main building, several outbuildings (including a barn, which would make an ideal “maker’s space”), water frontage and ample land for hiking, gardening, and other sports and games.

The Town Enhancement committee held a Fall Fest “Amazing Race” September 27, 2014, to showcase the site’s possibilities. CCADA, whose program is being used as a pilot program for a “maker’s space,” assisted the Committee in the various activities that day. Hopefully, the town leaders and citizens will recognize the importance of having such a facility for its citizens and children and work out a way to finance such an endeavor–whether through taxes, grants or any other means.

Our most recent projects have included the 2nd Annual “Art in the Park,” a time of worship, visual art and music. We also volunteered to paint the pediatric playroom at Heywood Hospital with murals featuring Winnie the Pooh characters, a train station–complete with a train, and some wonderful background scenery. Our next project will be our 5th annual Art Festival held at Cornerstone Church on October 17th and 18th. We look forward to seeing you there.