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Artist Day Apart

Art by Design: Discover, Develop, Display

We are a group of local artists of all ages and all media who want to discover, develop, and deploy our God-given talents in ways that show God’s wonder to all who see, hear, or read them.

Whether you’re into photography, painting, sculpting, crafting, music, writing, knitting–or simply enjoy working with colored pencils, this is the place for you.

Our monthly meetings (the 3rd Saturday of each month) enable you to set aside the time to work on your craft with fellow artists, who will encourage you, teach you, and learn from you. We meet at 8:15 for coffee and donuts, followed by group news items, and a short devotional. We then spend the rest of the morning working on whatever project(s) we have going. After a short lunch, we do a group project that helps us to learn and appreciate different media.   April’s afternoon project will be to prepare May baskets to help cheer up those in our community who might need it most.  Lisa Johnson and Kathy Javorsky will be helping to show each of us different ways to create these baskets.  Please feel free to join us each month.

To give you an idea of what we do and where we’ve been, here’s a small sampling of our activities over the years since Pastor J. Lillie founded the organization in 2010.  Since then each year we host an open art show to present our work to the community and to invite the community to participate.  In 2013, we held a special Christmas show.  Each of our shows have successfully attracted new artists and been well attended by the community.

We were invited by the Winchendon 250th Anniversary Committee to host an art show as a part of its many special events. Because he lived in town and had experience in organizing art shows for CCADA, Pastor Lillie was asked to handle setting up this outdoor event. Holding a show outdoors was a new experience for many of us. Because it was a town event, we were able to attract more people to participate.

With the involvement of Pastor J, we have participated in the Town’s drive develop a community “makers’ space” at the Ingleside Project.  It is hoped that this location will provide a location for art of all kinds as well as ample land for hiking, gardening and other sports and games.  In 2014, The Town Enhancement committee held a Fall Fest “Amazing Race” to showcase the site’s possibilities. CCADA, whose program is being used as a pilot program for a “maker’s space,” assisted the Committee in the various activities that day.  The project remains in the planning stage.

We participated in 2nd Annual “Art in the Park,” a time of worship, visual art and music at Monument Park.  We also volunteered to paint the pediatric playroom at Heywood Hospital with murals featuring Winnie the Pooh characters, a train station–complete with a train, and some wonderful background scenery. Our next major project will be our Annual Art Show to be held this October. We look forward to seeing you there.