2018 Art Show

This past April 13th and 14th, C.cada held it’s 7th Annual Art at Cornerstone Church in Winchendon, Massachusetts.  With over 200 art, music and writing pieces from 26 different artists, the show was a tremendous success.  Over 300 guests visited over the 2-day period–some to observe, some to buy and some to win art items in the popular Chinese Auction.

The art work was judged by two independent judges–with the following artists earning awards:


1st Place: Isabella Dixson (Seascape with Gulls)

2nd Place: Ken Knowlton (Dragon’s Breath)

3rd Place: Ken Knowlton (Phantasmagoriaville)


1st Place: Darryl Gagne (North End)

2nd Place: Betty Knowlton (Deep Seas)

3rd Place: Steven Hackett (Perkins Cove)


!st Place: Lisa Johnson (Family)

2nd Place: Greta Chirco (Doll)

3rd Place: Isabella Dixson (Pottery)


1st Place: Bella Lewiston (Snowman/Black Trees)

2nd Place: Xavier Robertson (Personal Name)

3rd Place: Tommy Maciorowski (Abstract Wedding Gift)

Congratulations to all for helping to make this show a success.  We look forward to having each of you join us next year.

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