Old age is contagious.

In this day and age, there seems to always be some new disease or mutation of an old one that the world has to worry about.  Given enough time (and money), man always seems to come up with a cure or at least something to deal with the symptoms.  Yet with all the horrific stories of weaponized diseases and medicine resistant viruses that we hear about in sensationalized news items, the most common disease remains old age.  And old age is contagious–with a 100% case fatality rate.  We’re all going to get it and we are all going to die.

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After God had sent the angel of death to take the firstborn of every living thing in Egypt, God provided a pillar of light at night and a pillar of cloud by day to lead them away from the place where they had been captive.  When Pharaoh changed his mind and went after them with a great army.  Despite the fact that God saved them by parting the Red Sea, the first time they had another major trial-a lack of food., they immediately blamed Moses.  When Moses prayed, God provided manna, which was like coriander seed, white, and its taste was like wafers with honey.  When the people saw it, they called it manna, which means “what?,” since they had no clue what it was. (Exodus: 16:3-32, 17)

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Keep on Walking

With literally dozens of nieces and nephews (grand and great grand included), my wife and I have watched most of them learning to walk.  While the parents were almost always in a state of near-panic for fear the child would land wrong or bump something, we usually thought the efforts to walk were hysterical. Going from shaking their arms and legs, to crawling on the stomachs, to making the effort to stay upright, and, finally, to take those first steps.  No matter how many times they fell, somehow each of them knew to keep on walking.

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Planned Spontaneity

I have a friend who is a worship leader.  His ministry is to lead the congregation to a place where they focus and participate in worshiping and praising God.  It’s a fine line that he must walk to keep the music and his comments on track with what the pastor’s message is going to be for that Sunday, and keep himself open to any change that the Holy Spirit wants to make.  So he often plans for “spontaneous” praise.

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