C.cada 2016 Art Show

This past Friday and Saturday, C.cada (Cornerstone Christian Artist Day Apart) held its 6th Annual Art Show, featuring all types of art, poetry, music, a themed competition and several workshops.  The show was well-attended each day and many pieces were sold or won at our Chinese auction.  Many thanks to all who participated and helped make it a success.

C.cada 2016 Art Show Prize Winners

People’s Choice Individual Piece of Art

Wendy Brouillet

Open Art Show Body of Work

1st Prize: Betty Knowlton

2nd Prize: Ken Knowlton

3rd Prize: Ray Parker

Theme Competition: “What Will the Future Hold?”

Art: 6-11 years old

1st Prize: Evangeline Bellofatto

2nd Prize: Matthew Bellofatto

Art: Adult

1st Prize: Wendy Brouillet

2nd Prize: Lisa Johnson

Poetry: Adult

1st Prize: Debra Hutchins

2nd Prize: Kenneth R. Soar

Adult Coloring: Debby Maciorowski

Children Puzzle Making: Julianna McCrillis

Art Show 2015

We held our 5th annual art show this past October.  We added our first car show to the Saturday portion of the 2-day event.  Over 250 visitors had the chance to enjoy and purchase the various art pieces,  Christmas crafts, and Chinese auction items.  The two days also featured special music and drama vignettes.  On Saturday we offered workshops on various types of art.  Some of the highlights are show below.

Somebody to clap for them

This week’s post is a little late and a little short as we try to work out some glitches in our new website.  Please bear with us as we try to make it easier to read, to navigate, to subscribe to, and to contact us.

Our art group, CCADA, recently held its 5th annual art show–combining it with its first car show.  We had artists of all ages, a wide variety of media, a new featured addition of many Christmas crafts, dramatic vignettes, music, and, of course, the car show.  The turnout of visitors who oohed and aahed at what they saw and heard and noted that they wished they had the talent of the various artists. But, to paraphrase Will Rogers, “We can’t all be heroes.  There also has to be somebody to clap for them.”

Somebody to clap for them

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Decide, Determine, Discipline

Unless you’re writing one, a self-help book is an oxymoron. You read a self-help book so that someone who isn’t yourself can help you. This is true of all do-it-yourself book and personal improvement books. You might be able to gain some benefit from some of these books, but none of them are there to deal with the complete “you.” All except one–the Bible. It is the complete and eternal blueprint for our lives–the ultimate “self-help” book because the Author knows every aspect of “you.”. You may feel defeated, depressed, disillusioned, sure that no one appreciates you? How can you change that?

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The Butterfly Effect

I am neither a physicist nor a mathematician, but from what I have read about the “butterfly effect” is that it has to do with a seemingly inconsequential event or incident having momentous consequences. The “ripple effect” is similar in that it states that a single incident or occurrence may have consequences and ramifications beyond the scope of the original phenomenon. Apparently, these two concepts are part of “chaos theory.”

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