Betty Knowlton

Betty (Swanson) Knowlton is a former Children’s Church and Youth Group leader, serving Assembly of God church in both Gardner and Winchendon, MA. After many years as an Account Executive, she and her husband, Ken, now spend most of their time developing and using their talents and abilities in ministry and in support of their … Continue reading Betty Knowlton

J.E. Lillie

J. E. Lillie

J. E. Lillie is a founding member of CCADA and a long-time member of Cornerstone Church.  Born in Winchendon, Massachusetts, he was born again at his home church in the fall of 1981.  He attended Fitchburg State College, Valley Forge Christian  College and the Berean School of the Bible.  Holding credentials with the Southern New England Ministry … Continue reading J. E. Lillie

Sandy Freeman

Sandy Freeman

Sandy has always felt led to develop here artistic side, but felt that something was missing.  When she opened up a relationship with Jesus, her artistic abilities exploded.  She found prayer to be the missing link–the “light bulb” that pulled all of artistic abilities together.  “I am merely the hand the executes the true ARTIST’s … Continue reading Sandy Freeman

Wendy Brouillet

Wendy Brouillet

Wendy Brouillet has no bio

Christine Lorion

Chris Lorion is a mother of 2, grandmother to 9, and a great-grandmother to 3. She retired in June of 2012 from Cushing Academy where she worked as a housekeeper. She almost always has a camera (sometimes 2) with her and has become known to many as the “paparazzi.” So if you see her coming, … Continue reading Christine Lorion