J.E. Lillie

J. E. Lillie

J. E. Lillie is a founding member of CCADA and a long-time member of Cornerstone Church.  Born in Winchendon, Massachusetts, he was born again at his home church in the fall of 1981.  He attended Fitchburg State College, Valley Forge Christian  College and the Berean School of the Bible.  Holding credentials with the Southern New England Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God, he has served as Youth Pastor at United Parish in Winchendon and at Cornerstone Church.  Currently, he serves as Associate Pastor at Cornerstone overseeing worship arts and pastoral care.  He has three grown children who are all pursuing ministry and service in the church.

Mid-Afternoon Meditation 3.28.17

Nature Challenge #7

Evening Meditation 3.14.17

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