Here are some of the latest works by various CCADA participants initiated by Pastor Jay Lillie during our February workshop.  He explained what Shadorma poetry was and then gave them the following photo prompt to give them a starting point.

Buzz word prompt:Holy/Fire/Cry/Witness/Shine

Photo Prompt:



by Deb Maciorowski


Crying. Holy God

Witness to

My spirit,

Fierce fire to cry out loud,

For my lost loved ones.


Deb Maciorowski preaching the Word of God.


by Lisa Johnson

Seek healing.

Cry out to the Lord.

Breathe air in.

Prayer cries out,

With brothers and sisters who

Cry out with me here.


by Lisa Johnson

Consume me

Father with your love.

I cry out.

Fill me Lord

With your holy fire to shine,

To be a witness.


Lisa Johnson beside one of her works at the pediatric playroom Heywood Hospital.


by Charlotte Dorais

Cry loud and

Strong washing free the

Stains. Witness

To the heart

Freedom. Holy

Fire shine forth beauty

From ashes inside.

Sound Forth

by Charlotte Dorais

Here I am.

Have you seen me?Lost

Now found. Force

The sound to

Ring far and wide over dark

Wasteland. Cry out loud.


Charlotte Dorais by one of her works at the pediatric playroom at Heywood Hospital.

Righteous Rage

by Brenda J. Lillie

I cry out.

Loudly I roar on.

My face red.

My eyes closed.

Righteous rage falls on me.

We need you Lord, now.

The Lord’s Witness

by Brenda J. Lillie

Show! Shine! Share!

Holy Lord be here.

Fall like Fire!

Hear my cry.

Let me be Your witness.

Shine through me today.

Brenda’s postcard from a few months ago. She needs 740$ in monthlky commitments now. That works out to 15 more partners at 50$ a month.

Here is a Shadorma Brenda wrote just for me after I finished off the Valentines cake.

No Cake for You!

by Brenda J. Lillie

I had none!

My cake they ate it!

Left none for 

Me ’tis true!

My cake they ate it all up.